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Always seem to forget to post shit about my life. Unfortunately come Monday my summer holidays will be over, starting my engineering course at college. I would say my summer holidays have been fucking fantastic. And I mean very fucking fantastic. It was obviously going to be good starting my holiday early from finishing school. Starting off with T In The Park. Always love going there. Out of being there 3 times in a row this year was definitely better. Biffy Clyro, Arctic Monkeys, Chvrches and so on. 3 weeks forward, Magaluf. Magaluf was more enjoyable considering that m exam results were exactly how I expected. A for Physics, B for Maths and C’s for French and Graphic Communications all at Higher. Plus my friends I went with all got good grades too. Time to celebrate. From the amazing weather, the drinks, the clubs, our crazy Italian neighbours, 2am beach football with other crazy Italians and of course seeing SNOOP DOGG Dj Snoopadelic the whole week was cracking. Take me back. Move forward a week coming back from Maga, Leeds Festival 2014. Beats TITP by a mile. Better music, people and venue. Seeing Blink 182 for a second time, you should of seen my face. Palma Violets too was mental. Would definitely go back again and again. Well this kind of sums up the highlights of my holidays. Plus having that someone special. Life’s great.

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This is a screenshot of a video I took at Reading Festival and this is actually great !
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